Yeon and Jamie at Niran & Corrine Fajemisin's Wedding in March, 2004
How we met
Yeon and Jamie met during karaoke night at Frederick's Tavern in Moon Township,
PA (outside of Pittsburgh) on January 10, 2003.  Some might claim that it was a good
thing that neither of them were singing that evening.  Five minutes after Jamie
skulked back to his seat at the bar (having been shot down by a hairdresser from
Beaver Falls), he noticed a lovely young woman walking toward him from her table.  
Yeon made the first move, asking Jamie if he would watch her remaining drinks for
her as she carried the rest to her group.  To this, Jamie suavely asked her as she
returned to pick up the rest of her drinks, "Er, don't you have a waitress at your table?"

While there is some question as to who "hit on" whom, one thing was for certain -
love was in the air.  Jamie famously used the line, "You certainly stand out here," and
given that Moon Township, PA is not the most
diverse community, he was probably
right.  Yeon accidentally gave Jamie a correct telephone number as he left with his
friend Ron.

Jamie adhered to the all-important rule of not calling right away.  Serendipitously, he
made his first call to Yeon four days later on January 14, which just so happened to
be her birthday.  Despite such divination, Jamie was unable to wrangle a date from
the lovely Yeon.  When he asked her if she'd like to go out later that week, Yeon
claimed to be leaving town that weekend to watch her Philadelphia Eagles in a playoff
game with friends.  In truth, Yeon wasn't headed anywhere that weekend.  She
couldn't remember exactly who this clod was that was asking her out, and was
absentmindedly scolding herself about giving out her number to strangers.  Jamie
told her he would call her back the following week, and strangely, Yeon said okay.

That weekend, Yeon called her good friend Alice Choe.  Yeon mentioned that she had
met some wacko in a bar, and that he was trying to get her to go out with him, but she
was reticent.  Alice told Yeon to lighten up; how bad could he be?  And why not go out
for a free dinner?

Sure enough, Jamie called the following week to ask Yeon out again.  This time, Yeon
acquiesced.  On the night of their first date, January 23, Jamie showed up at Yeon's
apartment to pick her up.  Unsurprisingly (as he would later learn), she was not quite
ready yet, but being the wise gentleman that he is, Jamie had made reservations to
eat for later than usual just in case of this possibility.  Yeon came out of her room
when he arrived, and Jamie was immediately smitten, thinking to himself, "Whoa!  
She's better-looking than I remembered..."

Min, Yeon's older brother, was home that evening, and proceeded to do what all good
older brothers should do when a guy shows up to take out their sister - he grilled
Jamie mercilessly.  It only took 10 minutes before Min got down to the nitty-gritty,
asking Jamie, "Uh, how old are you?"  Jamie sheepishly replied that he was 33,
knowing full well that Yeon could not be very close to him in age.  It was not until later
that night that Yeon told him she had just turned 24, which Jamie was very happy to
hear - dating someone more than 10 years his junior was not something he
considered a particularly good idea.  Fortunately, Yeon fell within the "decade rule."

That evening, Yeon and Jamie went to Dish Osteria, a cozy little restaurant on
Pittsburgh's South Side.  They had a lovely meal, and enjoyed each other's company
tremendously.  It would prove to be the beginning of something truly wonderful.
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