2007 Sophie's Birthday
Tuesday, 2/27/07:
Sophie drinks from her first bottle, as seen below.  Grandma Toni and
Grandpap Jim (Jamie's parents) drove all the way from Winter Haven,
Florida to Washington, D.C. today to see their newest granddaughter,
making the trip in 16 hours!  After their visit, Sophie gets her first home
bath, with pictures in her cool towel (a gift from Aunt Caitlin).
Monday, 2/26/07:
Sophie is discharged from the hospital at 4:30pm.  Yeon's sister Soy
comes to the hoslpital to visit her new niece, and brought a lovely new
bassinette with her.  This was a huge help, since all of Sophie's baby stuff
is currently in Philadelphia, where we expected her to be born.  Sophie
seems to enjoy her new car seat a great deal, her parents are happy to
Sunday, 2/25/07:
Sophie gets her first visit from family, as Yeon's aunt comes to visit at the
hospital.  It is Korean tradition that new mothers eat a special soup after
giving birth in the belief that it helps with healing, and Yeon's aunt, an
excellent cook, brought some freshly-cooked soup for her to eat.  Sophie
also received her first piece of jewelry from her great aunt - a necklace
with a "golden pig" at the end.  In the Lunar zodiac calendar, this is the
year of the pig.  Furthermore, this year is a "Golden Pig" year, an
occurrence that only comes around once every 600 years, and is
considered particularly auspicious.  Legend has it that "Golden Pig"
children will bring great wealth to their families.
Saturday, 2/24/07:
Sophie is born at 11:01pm, weighing 6 lbs, 14 oz, and is 20.5 inches long.
Wednesday, 2/28/07:
Grandma Toni and Grandpap Jim are staying in Virginia to help us with
taking care of little Sophie.  Sophie says "Happy Birthday" to Uncle Min!
Thursday, 3/1/07:
Grandma Toni and Grandpap Jim continue to stay in Virginia to help us
with taking care of little Sophie.  Sophie says "Happy Birthday" to Aunt