2007 June Sophie Pictures
Friday, 6/1/07:
Saturday, 6/2/07:
Sunday, 6/3/07:
Sophie visits her family in northern Virginia as Yeon and Jamie close up
their apartment in Falls Church.
Monday, 6/4/07:
Tuesday, 6/5/07:
Friday, 6/8/07:
Wednesday, 6/6/07:
Saturday, 6/9/07
While visiting Northern Virginia again, we visit David Chon for dinner.
Sunday, 6/10/07:  
Tuesday, 6/12/07:  
Monday, 6/11/07:  
Wednesday, 6/13/07:  
Sunday, 6/24/07:
Saturday, 6/23/07:
Wednesday, 6/20/07:
Monday, 6/18/07:
Thursday, 6/14/07:
Saturday, 6/16/07:
Friday, 6/22/07:
We drive to Pittsburgh for Hayden Price's christening, as well as to see
Grandma Toni, Grandpap Jim and Aunt Caitlin after she returns from her
big trip to India.
Wednesday, 6/27/07:
Friday, 6/29/07:
Thursday, 6/28/07:
Saturday, 6/30/07:
We drive down to Baltimore for the weekend as we finish the lease at our
apartment (the "hovel") in Falls Church.  Sophie spends time with her
cousins, Katie and Natalie Spiegel, as well as Aunt Jen and Uncle Eric.  
After we return from Falls Church, Sophie goes in a kiddie pool for the first
time, and has her first experience in an "exer-saucer."