2007 May Sophie Pictures
Wednesday, 5/2/07:
Sophie plays in the bath!
Thursday, 5/3/07:
Yeon dresses Sophie up in the bunny hat and she sits in her Bumbo Seat.
Friday, 5/4/07:
Saturday, 5/5/07:
Vicky and Dmitry Zabarko drive down from NYC to visit Sophie for her first
Cinco de Mayo.
Monday, 5/7/07:
Sophie starts smiling.  We love how much she smiles now.
Tuesday, 5/8/07:
Wednesday, 5/9/07:
Saturday, 5/12/07:
Jamie's parents invite many extended family members to their house to
meet Sophie for the first time, as well as wish Caitlin a wonderful trip as
she leaves for India on May 16th.  Later, Yeon and Jamie visit Chad, Jodi
and Hayden Price, where all of the newborns meet for the first time.
Friday, 5/11/07:
We drive to Pittsburgh for Mother's Day weekend with Jamie's parents.
Sunday, 5/13/07 - Yeon's first Mother's Day!  
Before we drive back to Philadelphia, Sophie meets her godfather-to-be,
Ron Wiley and his wife Sheila.  During the long drive, Sophie sleeps the
whole way, except for a potty/food break halfway across where we snap a
few good pictures.  Happy first Mother's Day to Yeon!
Tuesday, 5/15/07:  
Friday, 5/18/07:  
Thursday, 5/17/07:  
Saturday, 5/19/07:  
Tuesday, 5/30/07:
Tuesday, 5/29/07:
Monday, 5/28/07:
Saturday, 5/26/07:
Grandma Toni and Grandpap Jim arrive for the festivities.
Friday, 5/25/07:
Aunt Soy and Uncle Min arrive for Memorial Day weekend to celebrate
Sophie's christening and 100 Day celebration.  
Tuesday, 5/22/07:
Thursday, 5/24/07:
Saturday, 5/26/07:
Sophie is christened today, with all of her family present, except the
Burkes in New York, where Allegra was feeling a little under the weather.